Inspired by the edge of city and heart of the country? Welcome to Ashley Lane Collection!

Hi guys and gals it's me, Ashley, talk about the jitters writing my first blog ;)…I'm both very excited and really nervous but SO happy you are reading this as I get to introduce you to Ashley Lane Collection! You know the feeling when you have been waiting for that day to finish your last exam, or that last few minutes before you are done work for the weekend? I feel like I have been on groundhog day waiting for this day for so long and finally this day has come that I can share with you all of my creations :) 

Bu dum da da da (supposed to be the sound of a drum) without further ado, Welcome to Ashley Lane Collection where all your jewelry dreams come true …. I guess I should stick to jewelry designing and not poetry ;) But in all seriousness, as some of you know, I grew up on the Canadian prairies, lovin' my country music and my cowboy boot dancin' but have also been immersed in the enchanting "jewelry world" all my life. My dad started his jewelry company back in 1977 and I am so proud of where he has taken his company today. Going to jewelry shows as a toddler, helping my dad "run" his store after school when I was a pre-teen (…..more like "running" around bugging him while I try on every piece of jewelry that looked sparkly and pretty) and finally designing unique pieces of jewelry, I can truly say that I am beyond passionate for my love of jewelry and design. 

With now years of business experience in the culturally-diverse city of Toronto and my inspiring prairie roots for creativity in jewelry design, my collection is inspired by the edge of the city and the heart of the country. It harmonizes style and femininity into chic, unique pieces for every occasion. 

I've always believed in the saying "Dream Big, Be Grateful" - I knew my big dream was to design jewelry but I also wanted to ensure that I gave back to the community in some way in hopes of making a difference in peoples lives. It doesn't matter how big or small the charity is, if you have a charity that is close to your heart please email me at info@ashleylanecollection and tell me your story! I will be featuring a piece every month in which a portion of my sales will be donated to different charities around the world. This month check out the Wolf Elderberry necklace as a portion of my sales will be donated to a local Toronto charity called Artbound (

So, if you're looking for that extra "swag" in your step, this collection can surely give you that …. but I'm not promising you that you will inherit my dance moves :) 

Here are some pictures from my first photo shoot …. one of which I thought would only take a few hours … turned into a 3am pizza party!


This months feature piece "Wolf Elderberry" shown below - a portion of sales will go to the Artbound charity- a non-profit volunteer organization that harnesses the power of the arts to ensure that underprivileged children live better lives. 



Please follow us on Instagram @ashleylanecollection and on Facebook for exciting new updates! 




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caro says:

all of this is so incredible, ash. i honestly dont understand how you managed to exceed my high expectations on this because (since it’s you and i know what you’re capable of) i let them get just crazy unattainable heights-high. like extreme danger high. but you smashed them and the pieces i’m ordering have been haunting me since monday, i cant stop looking at the pics. more than just beautiful, these pieces in your collection are bossy and bold in the very best ways and i could not be more proud of you right now or more pumped for what you’re going to come up with next. beauty. beast. i love you dream woman xo

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